Rickj wrote:
> WHAT? Reservations were open April 1, but I was not notified, by email, that I didn't get any of my dates until April 3?
Rick, there was a week, between March 23 and April 1, that you could have logged on and seen the results of your application. I agree they should have tried notifying people earlier, but they had trouble with that last year, so they tried to inform people about logging in to check. I have no idea why they then decided to send an email after April 1. It makes me wonder, too. As you can see from Reno Frank's experience, it might not have made any difference.

Reno Frank: How many slots were available on the date you were trying for, and what date? That's pretty amazing that you weren't successful. Keep trying, all this month, and again on May 1. What do last year's unused numbers look like for the day-of-week you want late in July? You know that you're very likely to snag the additional permits when you show up to pick up your permit.