Headed up Arc Pass from the Mt. Whitney Trail. Arc Pass had a bunch of snow but easily avoidable. The plan was to head up halfway toward McAdie's middle summit and then take the shortcut variation (https://www.summitpost.org/arc-pass-variation/955632). Had difficulty finding it - found what we thought was the variation and it was a loose downclimb with a lot of exposure so decided to skip the shortcut and head up toward the middle summit to follow the Secor route. The climb up to the middle summit was quite enjoyable with a fun class 3 section toward the top. After enjoying the airy middle summit, found the downclimb to the notch between McAdie's middle and north summit. Made it part of the way down toward the notch and then encountered a very loose "class 3" downclimb that seemed like any mistake would be fatal. We called it there and decided we were satisfied with the middle summit.

Looking up toward Arc Pass (McAdie in the center)

Arc Pass (avoid the snow by heading to the left)

Looking up toward middle summit (left) and north summit (right) with notch in between

Looking up toward Mallory/Irvine:

Heading up toward middle summit of Mt McAdie

Blocks toward the top

Class 3

Allan enjoying the middle summit

Mt McAdie's north summit (another time...)
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