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Sierra magazine needs your help. We've started a lively new department called "Survive" that illustrates real-world close calls folks have had in the outdoors, along with some expert commentary on what they might have done better (or worse). You can see an example here:

What we need from you are your stories of "near misses," the kind you tell around the campfire (or at the bar when you get out). They can involve nearly any kind of outdoor activity--hiking, boating, hunting, fishing, skiing, you name it. Your stories can be from any of your outdoor experiences, either from your own trips or from your Sierra Club outings. All we need at first is a very short description of the situation, just a couple lines. Send it to me at If it sounds doable, we'll get in touch with you for more information, and maybe a picture so our artist can make you famous. (He did a pretty good job of rendering former San Francisco Chronicle outdoor writer Paul McHugh in the first one.)

So please take a few moments to remember back on close scrapes of the past, and send them along to me. Thanks a lot! PR

Paul Rauber
Senior Editor, Sierra
85 Second St., 2nd floor
San Francisco, CA 94105
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