Taking photos is an important part of hiking for me. I enjoy writing trip reports and sharing my experience through photos. In an effort to reduce weight, Iíve tried using my smartphone, as well as point & shoot cameras, but Iíve been unsatisfied with the results. In order to get the photos I desire, I need to carry something larger, either a DSLR or mirrorless camera. Over the years, Iíve tried different methods of carrying my cameras, in the hopes of finding a solution that allowed me to carry a camera comfortably and securely, while allowing me to access it quickly. While some of my attempts have worked ok, I have not been happy with most of them. In an attempt to find out how other hikers carry their large cameras, I posted inquiries on several hiking forums and Facebook groups. One of the companies that was frequently mentioned was Cotton Carrier .

I have been using Cotton Carriers products on and off since January. Here is a link to my full review:

Gear Review: Cotton Carrier Camera Carrying Systems