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#44302 - 09/18/15 12:16 PM Hikers Killed in Zion Nat'l Park Flood : In Memoriam
Snacking Bear Online

Registered: 08/09/11
Posts: 500
Loc: Saugus, CA
They have finally released the names of the 7 hikers killed by the flood in Zion.

Like myself, some of you may have known these hikers who were known throughout the outdoors community in the state and in the West.

Though I didn't get the pleasure of spending much time I met Mark Mackenzie and Muku Reynolds after joining them on an impromptu hike up San Gorgonio in May. They were both strong people and I had a great time hiking with them and spending some time on the summit.

I also bumped into Muku while heading up Kearsarge Pass earlier this June. She and a companion had just finished a climb of Mt. Gould. I was really impacted by her attitude and friendliness. It was cool to stop and chat for a while.

I was really looking forward to climbing/bumping into her and Mark on numerous other peaks.

It's a sad story. I am sorry to hear of this loss. It's surreal to hear about vibrant people you know losing their lives.

Though I feel some small piece of a greater grief shared by those closest to these seven (and the other drivers affected by this event), I find that there is some small comfort in the bit of an unspoken creed between outdoors-people.

It's a creed that we live by: we go to the wild places to touch a primal part of who we are. We go out to sweat under the sun, to lean upon the mountains, to fight against gravity. We go out to test our fears, to sigh at our weaknesses, and remind ourselves that we can do far more than civilization demands from us. We think and walk, we meet with others on high, but we always do so with intent to be smart and come home.

Sometimes we don't. Sometimes we crash against our limits, and sometimes bad things transpire at an unfortunate time.

Yet death never comes for the hiker, kayaker, jumper or mountaineer on death's terms. If it comes, it comes while we were doing what we loved, it came out of valiant effort.

Though tragedy is terrible, it is important to remember that these were beautiful and strong people out to taste beauty through trial. No matter what, we will not look at the death of a hiker as a pitiful helpless slipping away. It came and we will remember these people for what they were: strong, willful, and loved.

We will do our best to learn and be safe. We will remember them through tears, comforted that they lived life on strong terms.

We will miss you Mark, Linda, Steve, Gary, Muku, Robin, and Don.

May your skies be blue, your paths be clear, your horizon rugged, and your breathing deep. Be safe out there everyone.

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#44306 - 09/18/15 02:50 PM Re: Hikers Killed in Zion Nat'l Park Flood : In Memoriam [Re: Snacking Bear]
Daves Not Here Offline

Registered: 06/12/14
Posts: 20
Loc: Lost Angeles
Thank you for posting this. Muku has hiked with me and my own M.U.G. on occasion. I hiked with her on labor Day weekend to the Virginia Lake Basin in the Hoover Wilderness. We tented next to each other. I learned of her fondness of 'heart rocks' on this trip. As we broke camp Monday to hike out I found a hand sized red heart rock right next to my tent and immediately gave to Muku on the promise that she protect it and cherish it for the rest of her life... A 1/4 mile from camp she realized she didn't pick it up as we left. She dropped her pack on trail and RAN all the way back to camp for it. It most likely is the last one added to her collection. I had the pleasure of meeting Linda and Mark and Tessa, Linda's dog. Very beautiful people!!!! Mark pointed out the wild onions on our way out from Bergona Lake. I have a pic of Muku, Mark, Linda, Tessa and the person that was originally signed up for the space Muku filled while we had lunch at Bergona Lake. Unfortunately I can't figure out how to U/L at the moment. I'm hosting my annual pig roast tomorrow for my M.U.G. and Muku has a spot for two.... It's too late to cancel as the guest of honor is resting in a bathtub of ice. This will be an event celebrating Family Friends Loved ones and Life.

#44307 - 09/18/15 07:04 PM Re: Hikers Killed in Zion Nat'l Park Flood : In Memoriam [Re: Snacking Bear]
RenoFrank Offline

Registered: 08/06/11
Posts: 430
Loc: Reno, NV
A sad story indeed.

SB your eloquent words express the lure of the outdoors for those so inclined. I hope you don't mind I shared your post on my Facebook page.

#44308 - 09/18/15 10:03 PM Re: Hikers Killed in Zion Nat'l Park Flood : In Memoriam [Re: Daves Not Here]
Snacking Bear Online

Registered: 08/09/11
Posts: 500
Loc: Saugus, CA
Dave, thank you for sharing your memories. I'd love to see your picture if you have a link.

Frank, I don't mind at all.
@jjoshuagregory (Twitter & Instagram) for landscape and mountain photo spamming...

#44312 - 09/21/15 02:41 AM Re: Hikers Killed in Zion Nat'l Park Flood : In Memoriam [Re: Snacking Bear]
Bulldog34 Offline

Registered: 11/12/09
Posts: 1254
Loc: Atlanta
SB, one of the finest posts I've ever seen. Just outstanding. You are definitely gifted, my friend.