10/13/17 summit hike

Start time: 3:06am from Whitney Portal trailhead. In the 30s with minimal wind. Clearly defined trail. Saw a bit of iced-over water before we reached Trail Camp, but not an issue at all.

Sunrise was around 6:20am but didn't have sunlight fall on us until about one-fourth of the way up the 99 switchbacks--we must have been over 4 hours into the hike at that point. Finally got our toes warm again (I had Injinji liners with Darn Smart socks as the outer layer in my Goretex Salomons, so my toes were pretty well insulated).

99 switchbacks had ice only at the Cables, but it was easily managed (we could step along the side of the icy patch, which stretched about 30 feet, I think). That was the only area that had ice of any concern at the time of our hike, but I'm sure that's going to change as it gets colder. We brought our traction cleats but didn't use them.

Stayed chilly throughout the ascent and back down. We essentially didn't change our clothes from beginning to end (beanies, down jackets, hoods, etc). It got a little windy at times, but wind didn't feel like a concern.

Returned to the Whitney Portal parking lot a little past 7:30pm, about one hour after dark. Roundtrip in 16.5 hours. Amazing hike!

Edited by Chris C (10/16/17 06:00 PM)