YOSAR expert has a checklist for people who are planning to recreate in the wilderness:

Plan ahead and anticipate, “What if…?”

Let someone know where you are going and when to expect you back.

Do your adventure with a partner if at all possible.

Give yourself plenty of time, more time than you might expect.

Are you physically and mentally prepared?

Do you have bivouac equipment and can you safely and somewhat comfortably spend the night?

Do not rely on your cell phone or GPS!

Be very cautious around water, especially moving water such as streams and waterfalls.

Do you have proper footwear? Do not trust your footwear around moving water.

Do you know what the weather is suppose to be and are you prepared for adverse weather such as rain, snow, wind, heat?

Take plenty of water.

Sierra Newsonline: YOSAR article
Have fun and enjoy the Gr8 Yd Opn.