Hey all,

I'm looking to climb the summit of Whitney in early March of this year. I've summited 14ers in Colorado before, and have made some gnarly winter climbs in the European Alps. I was going to go up Whitney this year with a partner but he's no longer able to make the hike. I'm posting in a few climbing forums looking for someone who knows what they're doing and can handle a winter hike. I'm available to hike between 4 and 10 March; I can accommodate whatever works best for anyone interested. I'm anticipating a day and a half hike with an overnight on the trail, and cold/snow/all the good ol' winter conditions.

If you're interested and on the fence, I'm a nice guy and have been told I'm a good climbing partner. I grew up hiking in the mountains and its something I love doing.

Feel free to reply on post or at thomastlaufer1@gmail.com. Cheers