So, a little over two years ago I got a pair of "Salomon Chalten Thinsulate Climashield Waterproof Boots - Men's" for overnight snowshoeing. They worked okay for those two years (could have been a little warmer).

But 2 weeks ago in Yosemite, they stopped being waterproof, particularly the right one. Cut a multi-night trek short as a result. My attempts to waterproof them failed as the right one still gets damp inside fairly quickly.

Does anyone have any suggestions for good boots that:

Are really waterproof.
Are insulated well (maybe 400g or 600g to improve over my 200g Solamons)
Work well with snowshoes and strap on crampons.
Will keep my feet warm all day without leaking.
Are NOT Columbia Bugaboots (I tested the IV PLUS XTM, but they weren't very waterproof).

I'm tempted to just get some big rubber boots, but those would probably not be good for long hikes in snowshoes. smile

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