Four of left the TH at 1:10 AM for the trek to the summit.

We went on the main trail for the entire hike.

The first creek crossing at the North Fork of Lone Pine Creek was the trickiest of the day, but we all had no problem keeping our feet dry.

It was mostly easy staying on the trail while using headlamps, but once or twice we got off the trail but it was easy to get back on.

We got to Lone Pine Lake at 2:30 and to Trail Camp at 5:10. At Trail Camp we took a break and filtered some water; by that time the sun was coming up so headlamps were no longer needed.

There was no snow to speak of going up to Trail Crest. There was a snowfield not far below the summit -- 2 of us used microspikes and 2 did not use them. Most people hiking seemed to not be using them.

I got to Trail Crest at 7:45, and it took me another 2 hours to get to the summit.

It was a fantastic hiking experience, although it was perhaps the most strenuous dayhike that I have done. The weather was great -- sunny with no clouds in the sky. It was a bit breezy, but with no thunderstorms I was not complaining.