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Hi Mike
No, these are quite a lot further on (about 2 miles more). The tarns are less over-used than guitar, but nothing like as spectacular as this place (centre of view I hope):
Google maps camp

Basically, you continue up the JMT until about 500ft before it connects with the Whitney trail. These camping spots are slightly above the JMT, so much easier to see from above than in ascent. If you get to the Whitney trail junction you've gone too far, but turn around and you'll see the sites. If you drag the little person icon onto this google map, and position it on a spot just above the junction, you can look round and see the camping spots.

I've always (even in a dry year) found a good spring at this point, a bit beyond beyond the tarns. Hopefully centre frame as well:
Google maps spring

Great info! Thanks. Amazing being able to check things like this out before actually being there.

Those spots were right in the middle of the map in that link. Worked perfectly. Would work well for me with my plan to go down Sandhill to Upper Crabtree Lake after summiting. Depending on how I feel when I get to Guitar Lake, I can get most of the climb up those switchbacks out of the way, camp for the night, pack up and leave in the morning for the summit.

Thanks again for putting that info together.