Amazing hike and summit. Weather warm. Wind 5-10 MPH. Sunny. Hiked in pants and T-shirt with arm warmers all day.

Left TH at 4:15. Summit at 10:30 after 30 min at trail camp for water filtration. Felt great at Trail crest and all the way to the summit.

Mult water crossings pretty much non-issue even though my shoes were not very waterproof. Waterfall stairs were a bit tricky to navigate but a non-event. Snow getting to the summit also a non-issue. You can take the path or post hole a little along the side. Slipped on my butt on the way down but reminded me of a sledding hill when I was kid. Only one person with micro-spikes that I could see.

Hike down was non-eventful. Was surprised that the uphill climb back to trail crest still made me short of breath. Switchbacks beat me up with all the stone stairs.

Back to Whitney Portal by 4:00 PM. Jogged some of the last 2 miles just to get done.

Second part of our group finished at 8:15 and just took their time. Group ages 49 to 68 years young. No one got AMS although we met several groups that were descending due to AMS. The summit was warm at 10:30 AM. Weird to see all that snow and still be so warm. We brought lots of warm clothes but didn't need them. Prep for the hike was several of the 6 pack hikes from hiking guy and a weekend in big bear to acclimatize. All of our group are active triathletes. Half of our group to diamox.

Such an amazing day. Did this hike 10 years ago in May with ice ace and crampons in 3 days. So much better as a day hike in the summer.

Happy hiking and hope this info is helpful!