Successful summit on 9/1. Here's my summary:

Started at trail head at 3:15 AM.
Reached bottom of switch backs around 7:30 AM.
Trail crest at 10:00 AM.
Reached summit at 1:00 PM. Heading back at 2:00 PM
Back at parking at 9:30 PM.

Snow at the last 0.3 mile before summit is around 100 ft long - we did not need micro-spikes, but counted on poles.

Weather: Wind starts to pick up around tree-line, a warm layer from that point on would help.

Elevation acclimation: We came from San Jose area, and we did a 30 min hike into the same trail the day before.

Wild life: we saw marmots, dears after sun set, and maybe quail.

I learned so much from this forum before attempting this trail and hope everyone will have a great experience.