It'll be my first time summiting Whitney this year if all goes well. I'm doing a ton of training (halfway through the socal 6 pack of peaks), research and preparation.

Permit is for September 5, Saturday of Labor Day weekend. I'm planning two nights ahead of time to camp/do some light hiking at a high elevation campground (Cottonwood or Onion Valley to avoid potential crowds at Whitney Portal), then coming up 9/4 to Whitney Portal and sleeping in my car for a few hours. Leaving around 2:30-3 am (I don't expect to move fast and I want to summit before the afternoon storms roll in).

Is anyone else planning a summit bid that day (9/5)? If you're solo, any interest in teaming up with a moderately experienced, slow but steady hiker? I think the extra motivation and support of being with others would be really helpful for my first try.

I'm down to join a group or any other solo hiker or similar abilities. I expect the r/t to take me like...14-16 hours and to be back to TH by early evening. I don't have Facebook so I can't/won't post to any groups there, but would appreciate if you're involved in any, pass this along. If there's any other forums I should check out, I'd appreciate that too.

Obviously all depends on COVID and earthquakes! Fingers crossed for a less stressful rest of the summer...