I spent the night in Bishop last night while traveling back from Nevada. As I approached Bishop on US 6, I was struck by the impressive amount of smoke visible over the Sierra and Owens Valley. It looked like fire was burning IN the Sierra, not on the opposite side of the range. Much of the view of the mountains was obscured by haze, and the setting sun was blood red. Just as hazy this morning. I'd read that the smoke was bad, but seeing it with my own eyes... My sympathy to the residents of Bishop and the surrounding area; that's horrible air to be living in. For those lamenting the closure of the Inyo NF wilderness, you wouldn't want to be hiking and climbing in that air right now.

For a nice (further away) alternative, take a look at Wheeler Peak in Great Basin NP, second highest point in NV (after Boundary Peak in the White Mountains). I hiked it Tuesday in perfect conditions.Trailhead at about 10K, summit is 13,044 feet. About 1,000' of elevation gain in the last mile above timberline of limber and bristlecone pines makes the summit feel well earned. There's a cave system in the park as well, unfortunately closed due to the frickin' pandemic. I arrived too late to get a campsite in the park, unfortunately. Sure seems like there are a LOT more people than average recreationing in the outdoors right now.