I spent two nights in Horseshoe Meadow, picking up my permit between them... also enjoying company with some cold bears.

Getting There
Dirt road is primitive, but my 2wd Ford Ranger made it to the trailhead again.

Along the Trail
Encountered Bob and Paul on the way up to Shepherd Pass, but going downhill. I was adjusting my bear cannister. They advised me to use an Ursack next time when a cannister is not absolutely required. They also said I had too much water, ant told me where the next source was.

Met Edwin at the JMT near Shepherd Pass (for the first time). He asked me if I was climbing Tyndall. I told him I was headed up Mt Williamson, at least first. He asked to tag along, which turned out to be great for me. Edwin has a fast pace which made me work harder. He also did most of the route finding. He had just bagged Whitney, Muir, and Langley along the JMT.

Bears and Berries
The last time I hiked Shepherd Pass Trail there was lots of evidence of recent bear activity. I was expecting the same this time. However, I realized that this was in mid to late September and we were now hiking in early August. The bears were absent because the berries (currants) were not ripe. The mosquitos were also missing (mostly) because the bears were gone. Bears will be all over the place when these turn blue.

[Linked Image]

The chimney required route finding to climb.

[Linked Image]

Me on the summit.

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Edwin summited Mt Tyndall the next day. He banged his head 3 times on the granite. Good thing he was wearing a helmet.

The Totem Cafe chicken fried steak was delicious. Also, it took only 4.5 hours to get home. I originally planned to spend another night at Horseshoe Meadow to get some rest, but we both felt fine to drive.

Carried too much water on the way up (~8L).
Carried unnecessary gear (e.g., spikes).
Did not sleep enough beforehand.
Did not eat enough on the trail.
Took a fall on loose talus on the way down. Tumbled 4 times. Luckily, minor cuts and bruises. I'll wear a helmet next time for the trip down.

I plan to drink water from Lake Tulainyo late September.