Here to update on my recent 4 day (Oct 3 - 7) hike.

The weather was perfect all the way - Sun coming out as expected and nights dropping down to 32/33 with the exception of a couple of nights at 28

There's plenty of water everywhere and depending on your pace (mine slow as molasses) , a liter should be more than enough before hitting the next watering hole. It wasn't until half way thru the hike i realized this

While up climb to Forester pass was challenging , it was the down climb and the steepness that caused my aging knees problems.

Many bear lockers available - Vidette Meadows, Crabtree area, and one in between i can't remember

Many helpful folks along the way, PCT hikers being the most helpful. However, be careful when PCT hikers tell you its a gentle hike smile For example from Crab Tree Meadows to Guitar Lake is anything but a gentle hike.

There was an elevation gain of 1200 ft, and that's before going up to trail crest and onward to the Whitney Summit.

Mt Whitney as always did not disappoint. At even 9:30AM , it was nice and sunny, but with some wind of course. I did need to wear layers.
(just as a side note: does anyone else think there's now more rocks on the 99 switchbacks and on the Trail camp to Outpost routes ? It seemed that way to me from the times before)

All in all great hike and well worth the time and effort.

Please excuse if these are obvious to many here. Just thought to update for others planning the route.