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Posted By: onehotchili July 2 Permit...! - 04/14/11 05:59 PM
my wife and i got our letter last week while we were in Moab on vacation, so it looks like we are allowed to give things a whirl on July 2nd.

we were planning on doing the MR, but we might stick with the MWMT. i did the MR a few years ago with no snow, and obviously going this early and with the epic snow that the Sierra have gotten, either route will probably need crampons, axe etc., which wasn't the case last time when i cruised up in trail runners....

while it will be my wife's first time on Whitney, she is not hell bent on summiting. we've climbed and summited a bunch of other stuff... and the reality of this 4th July weekend, is that it just gives us a reason to get out and "train" in our own backyard in N. Lake Tahoe and a reason to go down the Eastern Sierra. it should be fun!

anyhow, we will be camping for 3 nights (July 1-4) a the Portal Campground. if we are not out on our hike, i am sure we'll be around trail running the lower elevation trails -or- enjoying a nice bottle of red (or 2... the advantages of car camping wink ). sounds like there could be some other folks coming/going that weekend.... would love to meet up!
Posted By: GandC Re: July 2 Permit...! - 04/14/11 06:38 PM
I'm going to miss you by literally one day. We'll be there on the 5th!
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