Whitney Zone WHA Financial Figures

Posted by: CMC2

Whitney Zone WHA Financial Figures - 05/26/11 06:55 AM

As some of you might have noticed on the WPSMB site, I posted some financial stuff regarding our Web Site. I am sure many did not see it so I will give you a summary:

I know Steve and the other 4 Board Members are trying to do a job to keep things solvent but many here, including myself for too long a period of time, did not help financially. In fact, I went over 2 years enjoying the posts, absorbing the info, and not contributing any $$.

At last count there are 511 who have signed up and 348 have posted at least once, many much more. However, only 38 people of the 511/348 have sent any $$ for the cause, barely 7.5%.

For 2009: Income was $ 619; Expenses were $480.66 with a net balance of $ 138.34

For 2010: Income was $150; Expenses were $534.19 for a net LOSS of - $384.19

Budget for 2011 is $ 318.

Now it is not my intention to beg anyone to send $$ or tell you how to spend your $$, I am merely giving you some info about our financial status and how people can help out. You can ignore all this and no one will pass judgment on anyones decision to participate. By the way, the average amount of $$ the 38 people have sent in is $31.

I do not know the financial situation of anyone of the 511 here but if some of you can dig a little deeper and help out a little I know it would be appreciated by Steve and our board.

End of sermon, back to reading the fine posts that we all enjoy so much & I apologize if I have offended anyone as this was not my intentions. I figure Steve will take me to task anyway for trying to solicite $$ for WHA.
Posted by: Brent N

Re: Whitney Zone WHA Financial Figures - 05/26/11 07:16 AM

Each of us who are warmed by fires that we didn't build and drink from wells that we didn't dig have the opportunity to stoke the fire and preserve the well for ourselves and for others. This site has been invaluable to me. Your post is a good reminder that we can all do a little to help support a forum that supports us as well. It doesn't take a lot of money from any one person if everyone who can gives a little.

Posted by: CMC2

Re: Whitney Zone WHA Financial Figures - 05/26/11 07:49 AM

Exactly how I feel, thank you. No one has to feel obligated to donate. In fact, rather than the $20 which someone felt was just a fee to get "insider" status, maybe some could contribute $19.99 to avoid the stigma of being, oh horrors, a Zoner. Actually I am sure Steve et al would appreciate $1 from those who are so inclined and more from others and 0 from those who just enjoy the info they get here. I have no dog in this "fight" and might just even donate again if the numbers increase from the current 38 participants, but please Steve don't hold me to it if I remain in my status quo situation.

My whole intent was to bring the financial info to the attention of everyone reading this site as many might not know that we are not in strong financial shape. Sending $$ is certainly not a requirement to stay as you are, but every little bit could help.
Posted by: tyrus

Re: Whitney Zone WHA Financial Figures - 05/26/11 05:44 PM

KARMA was my motivation for giving. I'm just a short timer here trolling around collected valuable information about an area I've never been to before. IMHO, it's a give and take world. Be there soon and my summit day is going to be great.
Posted by: Rod

Re: Whitney Zone WHA Financial Figures - 05/26/11 08:33 PM

I suggest that for those who want to pay an annual fee to support the board so we can keep it in the black.I was not aware that we were running a deficit.I am willing to pay the initial fee as an annual fee.