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Posted By: Mike Kennedy San Jacinto Fist Time Friday - 05/24/12 09:50 PM

Forgive me if there was a better place to ask this question. Tomorrow I get to join a group to climb San Jacinto via the Marion Mt. route or the Humble Park route.

This will be my first time and I'll be with a group of 7. I am seeing conflicting reports on remaining snow. Also the forecast now appears sketchy and I'm starting to have that under prepared bad feeling in the gear department.

Most of these guys did Whitney with me last year but that of course offers no guarantees about tomorrow. If anyone could offer some incite about current conditions I would be grateful for any feedback or advice.

Mike Kennedy
Posted By: Gelsomina Re: San Jacinto Fist Time Friday - 05/24/12 10:48 PM
Hey Mike,
When if/you find out, please post here. I'm doing San Jacinto June 2 and don't have any snow gear.
Posted By: Anonymous1 Re: San Jacinto Fist Time Friday - 05/24/12 11:44 PM
There's a whole site dedicated to SJ. I did it almost a month ago without any crampons, Microspikes, snow shoes, etc. You should be fine, just dress warm:

Weather looks very windy on the summit:;FcstType=text
Posted By: energ92345 Re: San Jacinto Fist Time Friday - 05/27/12 03:53 AM
May 26 Saturday. Just got back from San Jacinto via Marion Mtn Tr. Storm didnt clear as fast so had some fog on the drive up and the first mile or so of the trail.
A couple of very small patches of snow on the trail in little round, walk through easily or around, otherwise trail is clear with a few muddy sections(small), and 5 or 6 water crossings, easily navigated. Plenty of water flow if you need. Very few people til you intersect the trail from the tram.
Little wind but temps in the 30s, 40s. Got some good pics to north and east but the clouds never left toward the west.

Did this with my 10 year old daughter today, Mt Baldy two weeks ago...not many kids on the trail. Mt Whitney in 5 weeks.
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