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Posted By: Yosemite Permit Application Help - 03/04/16 07:54 AM
I'd like to hike from Cathedral Lakes or Tenaya Lake to Happy Isles via Clouds Rest. I have a couple of questions about the permit application:

1. What would the exit trailhead be? "Happy Isles to Sunrise/Merced Lake (pass-through)" if we're not staying at LYV or "Happy Isles->LYV if we do stay in LYV?

2. Do the different options for Happy Isles exits have much bearing on whether a permit is approved or not? For example, does a permit have a smaller chance of being approved if you're planning on camping in LYV?

3. The permit asks for "1st Night’s Camp Location in Wilderness." Can I put something as general as 'near clouds rest' or 'near cathedral lakes'?

4. If you were taking either of this trips, where would you stay on both a 2 day/1 night or a 3 day/2 night trip?

5. Is it safe to assume we'll be able to take the Tuolumne Hikers Bus to get from YV to Tuolumne Meadows?
Posted By: Steve C Re: Yosemite Permit Application Help - 03/04/16 05:15 PM
1. The exit should be Happy Isles. ...Found the PDF form you were using.
They use their trailhead entry list for the exits, which is a bad fit.

2. I think with so many people focused on the JMT and exiting via Donohue Pass, the other trails should be a lot easier to reserve. That is part of the reason they implemented the exit quota. I am not sure what their rules for camping at LYV if coming in from your direction. The LYV quota is especially for people starting up the JMT from HI.

4. If I were doing one night, I'd start at Tenaya, because that is a shorter hike. If you go to Cathedral Lakes, a night there would be nice. Take the side trip down to the lower lake -- that is one of the most beautiful spots in Yosemite. Then spend the second night maybe at Sunrise Lakes.

5. Check the bus schedules.

Posted By: Re: Yosemite Permit Application Help - 03/04/16 05:50 PM
Thanks Steve.

If we get permits, I'll have to look into the lower lake.
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