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Posted By: RenoFrank Ebersbacher Ledges - 05/25/16 04:23 AM
Here's a video showing the route through the E-Ledges. That area was my biggest concern on that "trail". I combined video from three different trips

Ebersbacher Ledges Route from Frank Bursick on Vimeo.

Posted By: Steve C Re: Ebersbacher Ledges - 05/25/16 05:34 AM
Nice. I like the 5:15-5:30 section, and @6:24 wink

Posted By: wagga Re: Ebersbacher Ledges - 05/25/16 07:29 AM
This should be a sticky - possibly include other cruxes, too.

And Bea makes me think of George in "Eiger Sanction".
Posted By: bobpickering Re: Ebersbacher Ledges - 05/26/16 04:30 PM
That was pretty good. Now all we need is a video showing how to find your way down in the dark with a headlamp. laugh
Posted By: Bulldog34 Re: Ebersbacher Ledges - 05/28/16 10:41 AM
Frank, so you're saying the impacted log is no longer there? It was in place last July. Did it wash away this spring? Maybe I'm misunderstanding your caption.

Also, has anyone else noticed the monster tree hung up on the opposite canyon wall? It's visible as you're approaching LBSL, and is obviously very old. The thing is, it's easily twice, if not three times, as large as the biggest living tree you see in the area. Just kinda weird.
Posted By: Steve C Re: Ebersbacher Ledges - 05/29/16 06:56 AM
Gary, the log is gone. didn't look carefully at the picture above wink

Here's another. Various people with the all right equipment happened to meet at that point, all at the same time.

Posted By: Bulldog34 Re: Ebersbacher Ledges - 05/29/16 12:18 PM
Guess I should have read the entire thread. I was going to ask when this happened, but by catching up on other threads I see it took place this month.
Posted By: Fishmonger Re: Ebersbacher Ledges - 05/30/16 10:04 PM
glad to see the log gone. That was the most difficult part for me when I was going up one April with a rather heavy pack.
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