Whitney Summit ASAP - Looking for Partner(s)

Posted by: Alex Oleata

Whitney Summit ASAP - Looking for Partner(s) - 12/05/17 11:53 PM

Debating on heading to Whitney for a summit before it gets too snowed in. Would love a partner to boost moral and motivate me to get up there.

I hit whitney in June this year and summited via main trail. Dealt with a lot of snow up top and ascended the chute via crampons and ice axe. Switchbacks were completely buried.

Looking for round 2, preferably a 1 day push to keep the gear light and the pace fast. I will probably spend a night or two at Whitney portal getting acclimated and psyched up. I am ready to launch a strike mission ASAP.

Let me know if anyone is interested, or has any advice on current conditions. Forecast is sunny next week.

Appreciate this forum and the opportunity to share such a fun mountain. Cheers!


Photos from June 2017 - 2-day push



Posted by: C Brooks

Re: Whitney Summit ASAP - Looking for Partner(s) - 12/10/17 05:32 PM

I was thinking of heading up the MR route next weekend (Dec 15-16) I was going to solo, but a partner is always welcome. Also perhaps interested in perhaps doing Russell E ridge instead of Whitney if the snow level is as low as it looks in the webcam