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Posted By: Dill323 OVernight hike on Friday 9/6 - 09/04/19 04:55 PM
I am planning to hike Whitney on Friday 9/6. My plan is to camp near Consultation Lake, then summit early Saturday morning and make my journey back to Whitney Portal sometime in the afternoon.

I just looked at the forecast and it shows as "Tstorm risk" from 2-8pm. Are T-storms risky at all elevations or are they only a factor when you are close/near the summit? I'm just trying to determine if i should try to grab a walk-up overnight pass for Saturday instead of going on Friday.
Posted By: Steve C Re: OVernight hike on Friday 9/6 - 09/04/19 07:50 PM
NOAA weather shows Friday to be mostly sunny, so it looks like only remnants of this week's storm will be hanging around.

That said, yes, thunderstorms can occur even down low, but are definitely most prevalent at the crest.

As for grabbing "a walk-up overnight pass", there are no walk-in passes available any more. You have to reserve them online on first, and then you can walk in and pick it up.
Posted By: Dill323 Re: OVernight hike on Friday 9/6 - 09/05/19 03:28 AM
Thank you for your reply! I think i will stick with my original plan and stay overnight at consultation lake and complete my journey early saturday morning so i can get back down to whitney portal before 12pm
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