Permit 9/6-9/7

Posted by: AZA

Permit 9/6-9/7 - 09/04/19 11:12 AM

I have a 4 person permit for the MT. Whitney trail with an entry date on 9/6 and exit on 9/7. I have 2 spots available and possibly a 3rd. My original plans fell through and everyone cancelled at the last minute, ugh. However I still want to complete this hike just not alone. Let me if you're interested in going.
Posted by: Mike Kennedy

Re: Permit 9/6-9/7 - 09/12/19 06:16 PM

Unrelated but I didn't know the correct place to post this request.  This question is related to securing a permit on short notice.  I see that often late in the day (permits are released/show up for the following day).  I live 4 hours away.  I wonder what my chances would be if I drove up to LP.  And attempted to secure a permit (if/when posted as available) online, and then walk in to pick it up 30 minutes later.  Of course, there is risk nothing will be available.  Just today I see 6 permits were showing late but who can scramble to get these?

Any guidance is appreciated! 
Posted by: Steve C

Re: Permit 9/6-9/7 - 09/12/19 10:36 PM

Mike, you could have started a new topic.

If you can snag even a day hike permit starting next day, as long as you grab it by 4 PM, AND you can reach the Wilderness Permit person: 760-873-2483, you can ask that they put the permit in the night-box (in the kiosk by the road, in front of the Visitor Center south of Lone Pine).

You could drive up and pick up your permit that evening, and start hiking super early in the morning.

If you are overnight hiking, you don't need to start so early, so could pick it up next morning.

The difficult part in the phone call is that if someone else is on the line, it rings about 10 times, then disconnects, and you have to re-dial. And sometimes, their phone system is down and you can't get through at all.

As far as driving up first, this late in the season, you should be able to get the permit using your phone to connect (I haven't tried that). But I would rather reserve the permit from home first, myself.
Posted by: Mike Kennedy

Re: Permit 9/6-9/7 - 09/14/19 09:22 AM

Steve- Thank you this is key information. I think I may just take my chances and give it a shot. A good day on the Eastern side either way. If you happen to see this I'll ask another question. In the event, I see a permit for a day that works but it is for an overnight, can I use that even if I'm a day hiker?
Posted by: Steve C

Re: Permit 9/6-9/7 - 09/14/19 02:21 PM

Mike, permits show up online, especially next day on a pretty regular basis. You just need to keep checking. It sure seems like you could snag one before starting the trip. True, though, there are lots of alternate trails if you go up and can't get the permit.

> In the event I see a permit for a day that works but it is for an overnight, can I use that even if I'm a day hiker?

The wilderness permit people frown on that, but you wouldn't be cited for hiking without an overnight pack.
Posted by: Mike Kennedy

Re: Permit 9/6-9/7 - 09/19/19 10:13 AM

Thanks Steve it worked!  I went up Tuesday so very lucky on the weather.  Planned to get up in 8 hours and walk/run down in 5:30.  So my 4AM start made sense.  I came in overly confident as I had 3 prior one day successes with no trouble.  This time I was very well conditioned and expected a great day.  Took me 10.5 hours, so I was up top very late at 2:30PM.  I had a modest fall and hurt my lower back just before the summit.  This led to a slow walk with a lower back spasm.  This also led to a water shortage with the longer descent.  Some great people shared some water with me which was needed and appreciated.  First and last time I'll put myself in that position.  Learned new respect for the mountain and the potential that trouble can take place quickly.  I had the gear to sleep on the mountain but I figured my back would be worse in the AM so no reason to stop walking. There were others out there suffering that were still far from the Portal after my 2AM arrival.  I hope they are all OK.  I'm retired for a while.  Thank you again for your guidance.