Mt Whitney Zone
Posted By: illyav Pics of the quake from above the Whitney Zone - 06/26/20 03:26 PM
I was on the summit of Mt. Irvine when the quake struck Wednesday and took some pics of the rockfalls and dust. Here are a few:

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Between Meysan Lake and Mt. Mallory (and beyond)

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In the Whitney Zone

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Dust rising from below Mt. Russell

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Dust in the Mt. Carillon area

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Rock falling off Mt. McAdie

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A rock on the Meysan Lakes trail not too far from the trailhead
Thanks, Illyav! I collect a bunch of pictures from around Whitney Portal from various Internet sources. I'll get around to posting them eventually.

I wish someone could have taken a video of the surface of the dry lake bed of Owens Lake -- it was right over the epicenter. I'd bet the surface was rocking like waves on the ocean.
Excellent photos!!!!!

I can't thank you enough for posting them.

Thanks for posting - so very many small slides all over! As suspected from all the dust in every canyon seen from Lone Pine. LOL on the Meysan trail - I guess the trail will be edited to going up and around that "rock" - so thankful that no one was in injured - the closure panned out for the best in this case. Well, I guess my next visit will stray more north else the west - I was around Cottonwood Lakes / Langley summit the weekend prior. I cannot believe that road is open after the large rocks and subsequent crack seen up there.
Nice photos. All these slides from relatively low acceleration ground motion, roughly 0.05g in the mountains. Imagine what a larger quake would produce.
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