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Posted By: Caljoy3 Purifying water - 07/18/21 12:26 AM
What is the best method to purify water on the trail, filter or tablet treatment? Brand suggestions?
Posted By: Wiff Re: Purifying water - 07/19/21 05:48 AM
I think most people use some kind of filter. Mine is an MSR pump kind of deal about the size of a soda can. It’s a few years old and a little heavy but these things get expensive and it’s hard to keep up with it smaller and lighter technology.

The little dissolvable tablets are a pain in the neck because they take a long time. And there are those hearty few that just dip and drink but I would not attempt that especially in a low snow year.
Posted By: Anton Re: Purifying water - 07/19/21 01:01 PM

Also available on Amazon.

I recommending ditching the pouches and attaching the filter directly to a SMART water (or similar) bottle - a proven technique used by long distance hikers. Sawyer also offers a mini version, but the regular one is more durable is reliable. There are plenty of videos on Youtube explaining how to setup and maintain the system.
Posted By: RichardK Re: Purifying water - 07/19/21 01:45 PM
We always used iodine tablets. They take about 30 minutes to work, but we never waited until the last bottle was empty to refill. The follow up tablet (vitamin C) removes the iodine taste. Get the two pack: one iodine and one vitamin C. I found a filter pump to be slow and heavy to carry. Tablets are much lighter. Potable Aqua is a good brand.
Posted By: Caljoy3 Re: Purifying water - 07/20/21 05:58 PM
Thanks everyone for your inputs. I bought 2 kinds, Sawyer squeeze filter and a Lifestraw for backup.
Posted By: Wiff Re: Purifying water - 07/20/21 07:36 PM
Caljoy, have you tested the Lifestraw yet? I had one and could not get any water to come through it without nearly sucking my eyeballs into my skull. Don't know if it was defective so I'd be interested to hear.
Posted By: + @ti2d Re: Purifying water - 07/21/21 05:36 PM
I once asked the late Bob Rockwell how he filtered his water.

His immediate response was, "Through my teeth."

Switchback 23 is pure. Source near Outpost Camp is pure (just have to know where to find it!)
Posted By: Caljoy3 Re: Purifying water - 07/24/21 07:46 AM
Wiff, didn’t tested nor used the Lifestraw. I brought 3 liters of water and only drank 2l. I’ll update the post if ever have the need to use it.
Posted By: Caljoy3 Re: Purifying water - 07/24/21 07:52 AM
@ti2d, thanks. Yea, the water looked clean at the switchback . Saw a few hikers collecting water from here.
Posted By: JoeMcGrath Re: Purifying water - 07/27/21 01:12 PM
I have never used tablets for filtration. Would you like to know how the taste is after them and the effectiveness?
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