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Posted By: Olivier Air Quality and Trail Conditions - 09/28/21 05:59 PM
We are planning our annual day trip to Whitney which was cancelled last year due to fire this Sunday. How is the Air Quality and the trail conditions?
Posted By: futbol Re: Air Quality and Trail Conditions - 09/28/21 09:58 PM
I just returned from Horseshoe Meadow. Yesterday the air quality was bad in Lone Pine although not so bad late afternoon near 10k' elevation at Horseshoe Meadow. This morning I couldn't even tell if there were ashes in the sky up there, and conditions got better in Lone Pine. You could see the summit.

A USFS rep told me that they were expecting (not 100% sure) conditions to significantly improve by Wednesday.
Posted By: fit2climb Re: Air Quality and Trail Conditions - 09/29/21 03:06 PM

Yesterday's conditions on the eastern crest in the Whitney zone were really nice (zero smoke). The smoke had cleared out the night before. I spent all day climbing the crest peaks spending most of my time between 13k - 14k feet and looking west, I could see the Kaweah's perfectly. The smoke was hugging the western portion of the sierras. It was cold, but that to be expected in early fall at elevation. Some clouds rolled in later in the day. Trail conditions are perfect - lots of hikers going to Whitney.

Check this smoke map before your trip:

Good luck on your trip!
Posted By: Olivier Re: Air Quality and Trail Conditions - 09/29/21 09:26 PM
Thank you all for your feedback, it's greatly appreciated
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