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Posted By: acta5534 Free map/trail app? - 03/04/22 02:07 AM
Can someone recommend a map/trail app that doesn't charge a subscription fee (exp - Gaia)? I want to be able to import a gpx file of the trail and download the map for offline use. I was a big fan of Viewranger but it got disabled last week.

Posted By: bobpickering Re: Free map/trail app? - 03/04/22 02:32 AM
I’ve been using Backcountry Navigator Pro for four years. I think it’s around $10 to purchase, with no subscription. It only works on Android. They also have Backcountry Navigator SE. SE works on Apple and Android, but I think it has a subscription.
Posted By: futbol Re: Free map/trail app? - 03/04/22 05:26 PM
I use AllTrails.

There is a free version, an annual subscription version (~$29?), and a lifetime version (~$99).

Only the paid versions allow you to save your data when off-grid or after a phone reset. All have some off-grid support, but I wouldn't trust the free version for that. In fact, I use AllTrails as a go-to suggestion, relying on traditional techniques instead (paper maps and paper trail guides, perhaps a compass).

I'd recommend downloading the free version to see if you like the UI and trying it on a local day hike. They have a huge collection of hikes worldwide. I have the lifetime license.

AllTrails also allows you to record and share your hikes with their online community, and I think to add new trail hikes.


For thru-hikes, like the Pacific Crest Trail or Appalachian Trail, hikers typically use Guthook/FarOut. I'm a beginner with that, but looks to be totally worth it. I was impressed with their updates of water source conditions (even with videos taken by trail angels and other hikers), weather conditions, warnings, and locations to camp on the map along each trail section. This info is available even off-grid.

Guthook is subscription, but totally worth it for thru-hikes. Not sure if it allows you to import tracks.
Posted By: SoCal Jim Re: Free map/trail app? - 03/04/22 10:33 PM
I've been using Gaia GPS for years and recommend it to anyone who asks. Basic membership is free, premium is $39.99/year which is $3.33/month and well worth it IMO. Avalanche expert Bruce Tremper uses it for real time info in the backcountry where map layers help in deciding which slopes to avoid skiing due to current avy danger. I live in the Tahoe basin where there are plenty of trails that are poorly or not signed, and I can't tell you how many times Gaia has saved my butt (especially when the trails are covered in snow).
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