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I'm back home for spring break this week. I'm planning on doing some peakbagging this week (15-17th) but I'm not entirely sure on what the conditions/snowpack looks like. I wanted to cross off some SPS Emblem peak so I was looking at Split Mountain or Mt. Brewer. They all look like miserably long dayhikes this time of the year, so I was thinking of maybe heading to Onion Valley and bag Gould or something. I looked over the NOAA snow forecast though, and things don't look all that promising in terms of conditions. Ideally, I was looking for some dry scrambling or a class 2ish snow climb (where its reasonable to not bring protection). I was looking at going up the Dana Couloir, but I've been on that mountain multiple times now, and was looking for something similar in nature.

If anyone has any recommendations, and/or would want to join me, please let me know!
Right now, snow and road closures will add mileage and hours to most trailheads. Split is a bitch of a dayhike any time of year, but the drive might not be any worse now than it would be in August. No matter what you attempt, be sure to start early enough to get up high before the snow turns to slop. Several SPS peaks are within striking distance of Onion Valley IF you can park near the TH.
Check out Thor Peak
Ah right I’ve seen that. Looks good, but the drive is going to be so much longer. if nothing else pans out, I’ll reserve that as a backup. Although…if we’re already talking about being near Whitney portal, I do wanna see if Muir is up for grabs now
Yea let’s leave split off the table then. I might look at the Matterhorn since a buddy of mine recently ascended it. But I’ve been wanting to explore the kearsarge pass area for a while now, but never got a chance to. Hopefully it’s open to the trailhead

I’m assuming it’s unwise to do the gould->dragon traverse solo. If I can’t find a partner, I’d have to consider dropping peak bagging all together (or just try my luck at gould).
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