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Posted By: MarkeyMark Parking Pass confusion - 06/19/22 11:04 PM
Hey guys, Im getting ready to climb the mountain in a day but am having trouble understanding whether I need to buy a parking pass. I plan on starting at 5am and finishing about 6pm. Do I need a parking pass? It seems like from what Ive seen I only need it if I am there more then one day. And how do they know Im just a day hiker? Do I put a copy of my permit on my dashboard? If I need one can I do it online? Thank you!
Posted By: bobpickering Re: Parking Pass confusion - 06/20/22 02:19 AM
You don't need a parking pass.
Posted By: MarkeyMark Re: Parking Pass confusion - 06/20/22 02:30 AM
Awesome! Thank you!
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