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Posted By: 805_backpacker Technical Resourses - 08/11/22 01:58 PM
Hi All -

Looking to bag some of the more technical peaks and would like some references for the most complete information (routes, waypoints, camping spots, approaches, etc.) Mixed reviews of "Climbing California's Fourteeners" book, many saying route description woefully inaccurate, incomplete, etc. I've been in the mountains enough to know what my limits are and when to turn around (done it plenty, but sucks), and want to avoid that. Looking for class 3 max at this point, no experience with ropes or protection yet. Any and all input is welcome. Looking at Tyndall and Williamson.

Posted By: BFR Re: Technical Resourses - 08/11/22 04:09 PM
Buy this book:

Learn how to use this site:

The book is an encyclopedia of mostly every route imaginable. Peakbagger has great trip reports and .gpx files you can download to your phone.
Posted By: futbol Re: Technical Resourses - 08/11/22 04:59 PM
I usually camp near Tyndall.

As for Williamson, the most difficult part for me is navigating the rock field in the bowl. I use AllTrails for assistance, but do not depend on it.

I also turn around and abandon trips. Yes, that sucks, but it beats the alternative.
Posted By: 805_backpacker Re: Technical Resourses - 08/11/22 05:03 PM
Ordered, thank you!
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