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Looking to join a group with 4 extra spots on their Whitney Day Use permit within the October 4-8 window. Had permits for 2020 and then the fires shut the forest down (yes, I cried), so really hoping to finally summit this year. The group I was potentially joining this year fell through, but I've still been training as if this is going to happen--please let me know if you have 4 permits avail, thank you!

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From my last attempt on 9/7/2020--hiked to Lone Pine Lake and had permits to hike the next day... only for the forest to shut-down due to the fires (photo wasn't edited... the smoke was so bad!)
Originally Posted by Evangeline
(photo wasn't edited... the smoke was so bad!)[/i]

Yeah, Trail Camp looked like that on August 25, 2020 as well.

I now claim to have camped on Mars.
Seriously--it truly could've been Mars! I don't think I will ever forget that smell, either...
I hit Mineral King around that same time. Very surreal experience. One morning the wind would be blowing heavy smoke into the valleys, the next would have the winds shifted as to bring clear skies. Woke up one morning at Mosquito lake #2 to see large, thick plume just on the other side of bowl. Rough going on the trail when it was at its worst, but wouldn't trade it for anything different.
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