This is Ridiculous...WAG Bag City

Posted by: wbtravis

This is Ridiculous...WAG Bag City - 09/22/09 09:14 AM

Last weekend my hiking partner and I traveled from Onion Valley to Whitney Portal. This was our first time through this spectacular part of the Sierra.

The weather could not have been better, the lack of people between Onion Valley and tarns above Guitar Lake made it a true wilderness experience.

However, at about 12,900' we saw our first "abandoned in the wilderness" WAG Bag. We saw two more before reaching Lower Trail Crest then one on a ledge at Lower Trail Crest...along with a quart ziplock full of excrement and another along the way to the summit...and sun still wasn't up.

By the time we reached Whitney Portal, we saw a dozen abandoned bags along the trail in full view...I can only imagine how many were in the cracks and cervices out of view.

This is the worst have I have seen trash along the trail in a dozen years coming to this mountain. I would not believe anyone from the forest service who told me this program is working.

The only short term solution, seems to me, is to put disposal/storage units at Outpost and Trail Camps and hope people use them. One thing I do know, the current situation is untenable.

Great first real topic, eh, guys and girls.