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I'm considering taking a small group up this Saturday. All have done Whitney a couple times in summer conditions. So this is borderline. The forcast looks good. I'm hoping for some guidance. We will have micro spikes and poles but no crampons. I've done the Vivian trail to the summit one time only. We all did Baldy via Bear Flats trail 10 days ago but no snow. So we should have the fitness but lack winter gear and experience.

I don't want to put us in over our heads. With so many experts here, I would be grateful for any advice!
Thanks- Mike
I don't see how crampons would help you out in these conditions. I haven't been as high as SG recently but was climbing Tahquitz last weekend and there were only patches of snow. I understand there's a bit of elevation difference, but unless you have a good layer of consolidated snow, those crampons would seem to be more of a hindrance than anything. I would bring the Microspikes as I'm sure they're be some icy patches/sections along the way. Best advice I think would be to dress accordingly.

Right now isn't exactly winter conditions. Go have some fun, if you do get uncomfortable at some point, then turn around and don't get in over your head. I wouldn't cancel a trip based on a small storm we had earlier in the week. Hope you guys go through with it and have a fun trip.
Great. Thank you for taking the time to respond. As it stands now we were not able to secure an on line permit. Our only chance is to arrive at the Ranger Station at 8AM and hope to get one of 3 remaining. So we will need to push of to another time.
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