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Posted By: + @ti2d Remembering Some Guy - 10/29/20 07:20 PM
A year ago today, Some Guy's last climb...

Hope you are enjoying Heaven's mountains, Bob.

Our world misses you.

Sheila, my wife and I hope you are doing well during these times.
Posted By: Steve C Re: Remembering Some Guy - 10/30/20 03:22 PM
Thanks for remembering Bob. He was the most influential member of the Mt Whitney climbing community. When he spoke or wrote, everyone listened. His passing is truly a loss.

When he climbed Whitney and signed in the book, he would put "xxx" after his name, indicating that his number of times on the summit was in the three figures. He was also a member of the CLMRG, the China Lake Mountain Rescue Group, and had participated in dozens of rescues and recoveries in the southern Sierra.

"Some Guy" was the best.

Edit: "Some Guy" was how he identified himself in the hike pictures he often posted.

A picture from 2014, caption: "Really old retired guy"
[Linked Image]

Bob's picture album
Posted By: futbol Re: Remembering Some Guy - 11/01/20 01:14 AM
Hey Steve, did Bob keep hiking up until he passed away?

We encountered someone who looks very similar (although thinner) going up via Shepherd Pass a year or two ago.

He was talking about Golden Trout fish size records and difficult/secret to get to fishing spots... and that it was cheating because Rainbow Trout were introduced and they intermingled.

Fun chat on the trail, but the next morning as I was packing my gear I swear I saw the same guy hiking up again through Shepherd Pass, this time with a partner.
Posted By: Steve C Re: Remembering Some Guy - 11/02/20 05:28 AM
Bob had to stop hiking about 5 years ago. Heart surgery -- valve replacement -- didn't go as well as hoped.

Bob wasn't much interested in fishing, so you likely met another old guy.
Posted By: + @ti2d Re: Remembering Some Guy - 11/19/20 01:52 AM
Happy birthday, Bob...
Posted By: + @ti2d Re: Remembering Some Guy - 10/29/21 05:12 PM
To Bob...remembering Some Guy's passing on this day 2 years ago.
Posted By: + @ti2d Re: Remembering Some Guy - 11/18/21 03:11 PM
Happy birthday, Bob.
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