Trip report Aug 30

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Trip report Aug 30 - 09/03/19 11:45 AM

Four from our group successfully submitted on August 30.

We are from bay area and could find hikes with distance and very little elevation. Mission peak and Rose Peak hikeswere two good ones we used for training.

We stayed one night at Mammoth Mountain Inn, We had a day permit and as advised in the forum we started around 2.30 and reached summit at 1.30 PM. Weather was picture perfect with no trace of clouds and we could see people on the switchbacks trying to head to summit on our way back to trail camp. We took plenty of breaks to help acclimatize. We took it very slow about 1.25 miles per hour and other than very mild headache did not see any AMS related symptoms. Thanks to Steve C and others in this forum for valuable insight to take it slow for first timers like us , to me this seems to have made a big difference on our hike. Trail Crest to Summit felt the hardest for us and switchbacks were grinding. Felt Outpost camp to trail side meadow was very hard. Descent also took 10-11 hours approximately. We took few hours rest and drove back to bay area.
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Congrats on your success! I live in the Bay Area as well and found that Mt. Diablo is a nice practice day hike with about 3300 feet of gain. Also Clouds Rest at Yosemite from the Valley replicates well the distance and total elevation climbed (about 20 miles and around 6000 feet of vertical). It's a 4 hour drive but worth it. Another option is to find a nice loop course that will let you bag several peaks (or do the same one over and over) in order to get more vertical with your distance in one training session. Finally there is always the treadmill. Set it at 15 degrees and go at a fast walking speed. Take a short break every hour to replicate actual procedure on the trail. Even strap on a pack if you can.