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Posted By: bobpickering 2,500 - 06/08/22 08:33 PM
Yesterday should have been an easy hike up nearby Mt. Rose and Church Peak. I felt terrible. I’ve been coughing a lot lately. I initially thought it was run-of-the-mill asthma. I wondered if it was COVID, but the free test was negative. In any event, I spent eight hours taking medication, coughing my head off, and holding up NVG while we did what should have been a trivial hike. We got it done, and I hit a new milestone: A total of 2,500 summits since I started climbing in 1987. Time to take some time off and recover.
Posted By: Steve C Re: 2,500 - 06/08/22 10:39 PM
Woah Bob! That's an awesome count. I am sure you will get rid of the cough soon. It's like we have all been in quarantine, so when we catch a bug, it hits hard.

Any hiking for me got derailed taking care of a 42-year-old who got a staff infection in his heart. Open-heart valve replacement apparently leaves the patient in a world of issues. Finally able to function satisfactorily a month after. But that's only light tasks around the house.
Posted By: NVG Re: 2,500 - 06/09/22 03:56 AM
It was a good day, not as slow as Bob makes it out to be. Hes already planning 100 other trips so dont let him fool you.
Posted By: 805_backpacker Re: 2,500 - 06/10/22 02:34 PM
Wow - impressive statistic. Congratulations, hope you feel better soon.
Posted By: Markhurwitz Re: 2,500 - 06/11/22 01:17 PM
Very impressive. Thanks for taking the time to help everyone and share your valuable knowledge. Hope you feel better soon!
Posted By: bobpickering Re: 2,500 - 06/11/22 04:30 PM
Thanks for the thanks, Mark. I’m always glad to share what I know with anyone who wants to learn. Not very patient with newbies who already know everything. I always try to remember that I was once a newbie, and that I made my share of stupid mistakes.
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