Silnylon Poncho as a hammock?

Posted by: warren

Silnylon Poncho as a hammock? - 01/05/17 11:26 AM

I have a silnylon poncho with a 3/4 inch doesn't have any identifying tags but I bought it new. I'm wondering about fishing a paracord through the hem at both ends and putting toggles on the cords to facilitate gathering the material then using carabiners and couple of whoopie slings to create a quick trail hammock. What are your thoughts? Does silnylon come in different specs so that one might lend itself to this application while others would not?
Posted by: Steve C

Re: Silnylon Poncho as a hammock? - 01/05/17 04:42 PM

I would sure think that anything built to work as a hammock would be sewn with extra durable seams.

I wouldn't hesitate to try using a hammock as a poncho, but using it the other way (poncho to hammock)... I'd make sure I didn't hang it too far above soft ground. grin