I posted this on FB. I've been meaning to post here, but I have not had the time.

Just finished a hike from Whitney Portal to Onion Valley solo (from the 28th to the 31st). I brought microspikes mainly for Forester Pass, but I would recommend them for the last snow traverse before the Mt. Whitney summit. Unfortunately I saw a person turning around at that traverse because he didn't feel comfortable doing it. It was 1 pm and the snow was pretty slushy. I guess it is better safe than sorry, but it is a pity to see someone come that close and not make it. Anyhow, as other said, it is very doable without microspikes, but bring them if you think you may have a problem. Going down to Guitar Lake I hit a couple more snow traverses, but they won't be there for long. Except for the north side of Forester Pass, there was very little need for microspikes along the whole 50ish miles. This was my third time at the summit, but it was the first time I was completely by myself there. I had to use a tripod to take the picture! There was a lot less people on the trail this year comparatively. I think the snow scared away many! As far as the summit day, I started at 5:00 am and was at the top at 1:30 pm. I took it easy since I still had to go down to Guitar Lake with a full pack! Thanks for all the beta I got from this group! Enjoy this beautiful hike!



Pic#2 Tarns above Guitar Lake (snow still around)

Pic#3 Forester Pass

Pic#4 North side of Forester Pass

Pic#5: Kearsarge Pass

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