There are a number of good videos people have created of the Mt. Whitney area.

If you have one, or if you find one worth recommending, please add a link in this thread.

One of the best videos is created by Hike Along Pete. He hiked the trail in October 2003, and created a complete 6-hour DVD of the entire hike.

Below is his 5-minute summary video from YouTube.  Click this link to watch it on YouTube and see other hikers' Whitney trail videos.

Pete's web site is:

Here is a table Pete and VersatileFred created in another location:
Note: This trail-video-documenting was done a few years ago at the end of October (just before the first arrival of snow), and under most favorable weather conditions without any wind and no snow or ice on the trail, except for some ice at the cables. The video makes it look easy, but high altitude and inclement weather could make it a tough and very long 22 mile (round-trip) hike.
MilesVideo LinksDurationArea Covered
0.0 - 1.0Whitney Portal4:48Trailhead, Carillon Creek, North Fork Lone Pine Creek, John Muir Wilderness Sign.
1.1 - 2.0The 2nd Mile4:17The Second Mile of Trail
2.1 - 3.0Lone Pine Creek5:38Log crossing Lone Pine Creek, Lone Pine Lake Junction, Whitney Zone.
3.1 - 4.0Bighorn Park5:16Bighorn Park, Outpost Camp.
4.1 - 5.0Mirror Lake4:38Mirror Lake
5.1 - 6.0Consultation Lake5:36Consultation Lake
6.1 - 7.2Trail Camp5:25Trail Camp, The Switchbacks, The Cables.
7.3 - 8.5Trail Crest5:03The Rest of the Switchbacks, Trail Crest, el. 13,600 ft.
8.5 - 9.5The Windows5:10From Trail Crest to mile 9.5 on the west-side, The first Windows.
9.6 - 11Mt. Whitney Summit5:05The final Windows, Summit House, Mt. Whitney's Summit.

Edit: Pete has added a post to the forum here:
Entire Mt. Whitney Trail on Video in RealTime

Edit 6/11: Via ALP pages:  Mt Whitney on ViaALP

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