The Mt Whitney Hikers Association

The Mt Whitney Hikers Association is a group of Mount Whitney and Sierra Nevada hikers and enthusiasts. The association was formed to provide information and safety tips to everyone hoping to climb Mount Whitney.  We embrace the idea of hikers freely sharing information with the world so all can enjoy their hiking experiences to the fullest.

The association primarily supports this "Whitney Zone" web site ( and its discussion forums.  Through messages posted on the Whitney Zone forums, as well as trip reports, interactive discussions, and several Feature Topics (see the box to the left), the association hopes to give everyone using this site the most up-to-date, thorough and helpful information possible.  In addition to general hiking information, the association also places a high priority on presenting safety issues, discussing the dangers that hikers may encounter throughout the different seasons, and other related issues.

Members of the association work closely with Inyo National Forest staff to help publicize Mt. Whitney Lottery information, unused or walk-in permit availability, and any other up-to-date information that needs to be presented.

In addition to the Whitney Zone web site, the association also supports the Whitney web cam located at the Lone Pine Film History Museum, and a web cam near Independence.  We also plan to help support SAR (Search and Rescue) teams, since they depend heavily on donations.  Trail maintenance projects may also be supported in the future.

You can help Whitney Hikers Association primarily by participating in the discussions in these forums -- register, post questions, trip reports, and contribute to the discussions. The information people find here can be vital to their safety and enjoyment of hiking.  Beyond that, if you enjoy these forums and find this site particularly helpful in planning your Mt. Whitney area trips, the association invites you to consider joining as a member. Your support will help continue and expand the usefulness and influence of the Mt Whitney Hikers Association.

We will gratefully appreciate your tax-deductible donation to the association.  Your donation will help keep this forum running.  We sincerely appreciate your support.

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