Kitty is a boy. His name is Merlin. He has an astonishing wardrobe.

Fromm an Amazon review:

"This book is a one-of-a-kind; the subtitle is: The Secret Life of Merlin, a cat adopted by the author and who is the model for all of the pictures. The book is a history of cats told in short essays and covering a period from prehistoric times to the present day. Merlin is a very patient cat and was posed and photographed by Mr. Weigal wearing a costume that illustrates the aspect of cat history or lore that is the subject of each essay.

The costumes were hand-made for Merlin and many of them are very elaborate. The book is a good source of information about cats and their place in our shared history. But what makes this book such a delight are the wonderful pictures of Merlin, who appears to have enjoyed the photography sessions, representing all cats from all periods of time.
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