To each . . .Rain, shmain. I'll take a little reliance on wilderness craft over two pounds of metal and gasoline. Advantages include weight, space, and absolute dead simple mechanical reliability. Silence. Renewable free fuel. Hot lunch. The simplest one I have is the size of a quart paint can and weighs 8 or 9 ounces. Since it runs on gasification principle, fuel burns in two stages: the wood (or pine needles, pine cones twigs, duff etc) gasifies and burns to charcoal, then the charcoal burns. Put it out after stage 1 and keep the char to get you through that shower or next cold camp, or find plenty of dry stuff under the top layers of duff. Or enjoy a mini camp flame* and make enough char for the next day or two or three. Carrying it with a full charge of fuel adds only a few ounces, less than that 22oz Sigg bottle empty.

*Its a stove, so I don't consider it a "fire" for purposes of wilderness regulations.
Wherever you go, there you are.