I picked up a Kelty Gila (6503 ci) this week, mostly because the ridiculously low price was irresistible, but also because my number one packing issue always seems to be space, even when I am keeping weight down . (I sleep REALLY cold* so I tend to pack a lot of light fluffy stuff). Also, it fits like it grew out of my back.

This is one of four or five monster packs Kelty has produced for extended ops in desert and mountains**, and man, does it have room. In addition to four front and side pockets , and a 660 ci lid, it even has pouches between the suspension and the back.

That's where my question comes up: anybody have experience with this Mystery Ranch suspension/frame? Its got more doo dads than you can shake a stick at, and since it is military, user info is a little hard to come by. The entire suspension is supposedly removeable, for instance, which I would like to take advantage of for travel, but I am wondering how easy that is, and if its worth it. Any suggestions on wrestling with this baby?

* Another Whitney saga
** The top of this line is the Eagle, at 7850 ci.

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