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Thank you for your in-depth reply. I really appreciated all the insight and advice. And yes, I was planning on bringing a bladder which holds 2 liters and then an extra canister for another liter of water and I planned on using the tablets to purify the water. My two sons are 14 and 17, both boy scouts, so I'm thinking that this trip will be okay. We all snowboard so we're all comfortable with the snow.

good luck Terry.... i am sure your sons will do well on the hike.

this was my wife's first trip to Whitney and she is already making plans for returning with our 10 and 8 year old daughters. we have a 12 mile backpacking trip scheduled July 16/17 into Haleakela National Park in Maui with the girls, so we'll see how they'll do with that first. but i am sure in a few more years, we'll be looking at a Whitney summit attempt....