I'm really happy to have found some ways to make some decent homemade trailfood. I was prowling around this forum and following some links and have come upon some good solutions for us.

We wanted to not bring a stove, and we also wanted whole foods as best we could plus one of us is a vegetarian. Perhaps a tough call.

I used to make a bunch of beef jerky before a trip, but wanted something more filling-feeling this time. Plus the new vegetarian.

But combining the ideas of home-made boil-in-bags with dehydrated options we found "Harmony House" dehydrated foods that allow us to have beans and lentils without long cook times.

I ordered their deluxe sampler and we've been making no-cook baggie-meals to try out recipes. The rehydrated vegetables are surprisingly flavorful just being soaked not cooked. So I'm happy to report apparent success at finding ways to have yummy home-spiced bean salads and vegetable stews (and possibly tacos!) that we will rehydrate as we hike and eat upon arrival at camp. A foil pouch of salmon steaks added to the omnivore's bags at the end and I think we will eat very well!

It will also save on weight as we don't need to pack individual pouches, we can just pack all 4 people's meals into a single larger baggie which can then be re-sealed with the trash in it when we're done.

This is what we bought:

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