Here is the "Easy Walk-Off route from "The Notch" on the Mt Whitney Mountaineers Route. Most people climb the steep Class 3 "Final 400" chute from the Notch up to the summit of Mt Whitney. The Easy Walk Off route takes a little longer, maybe 30 minutes. It heads west and south around the side of the main summit mass, climbing slowly. It crosses loose and broken rock, but the exposure, and chances of falling more than a couple of feet are quite slim. There IS potential for rock slides from above, though, so people should be aware.

This video shows the route, starting at the Notch, and covering the section up to the gentler-sloping crest of Mt Whitney. When the video ends, the trail can be reached in about a minute. It takes almost 10 minutes after reaching the crest to hike the trail to the summit.

Here's the 15-minute video.

Thanks to Hiking Geek for joining all the videos into one.

The video was made from 8 separate short videos, with breaks to catch some air. I down-climbed the "Final 400" chute from the summit of Mt Whitney, and then climbed back to the summit via the Easy Walk Off route, carrying the camera. I carried a camera and no hiking poles through the section, and only used my hand on the rocks several times. So it is mostly difficult Class 2 hiking.

The worst time for this route is when there is ice and snow, especially on the section visible from the notch. Crampons and ice axe are mandatory at that time.
Edit: Here is a picture of the same route, taken March 7, 2015 (extremely low snow year). Three hikers climbed the same route. Report here.
Edit 2018: A climber descending this route slipped and fell to his death, when he incorrectly took the easy walk-off traverse instead of the Main Trail to the south (he was lost). He had two ice axes, and left both on the snow when his fatal slide began.

Sorry about the dirty view on the camera. It is lint and dust that has collected inside the camera on the sensor and lenses. The Panasonic Lumix ZS5 opens and closes its lens every time it is turned on/off, sucking air (and debris) into the insides of the camera.

The original 8 videos are here:

P1090257   P1090258   P1090259   P1090260   P1090261   P1090262   P1090263   P1090264

Here is a satellite view of the summit area, with various trails and routes added. Click on the picture to see the full-sized version.