I looked at this company's product line a few years ago when I was looking for a large high volume winter pack. They are definitely high quality, but they are heavy. They are primarily selling products to the US military and hunters, so their design caters to support very high loads.

I may not be what you call an ultra light packer, but even for me these packs were simply too heavy. And they aren't cheap either. What they now call "Carson Mountain" was the pack I was interested in, but at 10lbs 8oz and over %600 for a 98L pack, I hesitated, plus the bigger packs are all camouflage, not my favorite color. All their packs that go over 100 liters are even heavier and more expensive.

I ended up with a made in USA Gregory Denali instead (the only pack they still make in the USA) and have been happy with it. In fact, all my large packs have been Gregory since around 2008.

Looking at the MR web site today, it appears that since my last visit a few years ago, they have expanded their non-military line significantly, but still subscribe to a durable design philosophy.