I'm looking for some gear rx for winter gear. I currently am a 'fair' weather backpacker. I lean ultra lite, but, I try to get the good gear regardless of weight. I'm planning on extending my backpacking into the winter. Mainly, the s-cal and sierra mts. I have some gear that will transition. However, I still need to get a bunch of gear. Here's some of the things I'm looking at;

-Soft shell pants
-mountaineering boots(needs to accept crampons/snow shoes)
-tent (leaning towards Jannu or BA Shield 2
-Hardshell top and bottom
-jacket/parka. Leaning towards RAB Infinity Endurance
-I use a 15deg Marmot Helium. I figure I can wear the parka or puffer too. Or, should I get a 0 deg bag.

I will be taking the 6 day Rainier course via AAI, however, will rent gear. My gear will be used mainly for our 'lessor' mtns and not really tech stuff.